Since the last ten years, Biofeed® plc. has established itself as a leader in production of premixes of vitamins and microelements, vitamin-mineral mixtures, additive and complete feed mixtures for all kind of farm animals including wild life.

The significant advantage of the company is the ability to accommodate the special demands for individual prescriptions and also for feed mixtures enrichment with medicine. The fact that the share of feed mixtures according to individual prescription is increasing steadily shows the flexible company production process.

Close cooperation with customers leaded to necessity for stable quality level. On the ground of these requirements the company has introduced and implemented HACCP -system of control of food hygiene quality in compliance with the requirements of Codex Alimentarius of Slovak Republic in spring 2005. Sequentially and following up HACCP, the system of quality management in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 was introduced. Internal auditors were trained as a part of the introduced systems, who continuously monitor abidance of standards.

We put great emphasis on feedback from customers about their satisfaction with the quality. Individual visits of our specialist by breeders serve as a tool for monitoring the proper use of premixes and vitamin-mineral mixtures including proper calculation of feed dose.

The company owns technology of high quality e.g. NAUTAMIX mixer with 1 : 100 000 miscibility, granulating line made by BUHLER company, upgraded with granula crusher and so-called heat shield which is aimed to suppress pathogens like E coli, Salmonella etc., mainly in mixtures containing fish meal. Single machines are connected with lossless transport lines made by PETKUS company. They inhibit single batches from contamination.

We have interconnected high tech with qualified and competent staff that guaranties production quality and satisfaction of our customer.

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